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The board of Directors has several committees that work on specific areas. The committees and directors for May 2012-May 2013 are the following:

1. Executive Committee
Is in charge of advising and deciding on matters related to the General Management. The executive committee is in charge of verifying and presenting to eh Board of Directors the bylaws, administrative politics and financials required for the appropriate operation of the Stock Exchange.

Executive Vice-president and CEO


2. Technical Committee
Is responsible for proofreading the standards and issuances of future issuers. The committee is also responsible for the policies of disclosure of information, presentation of financial statements and other requirements of issuers in the Exchange. The Committee should also revise the composition of the BVPSI Index when it is required.


3. Negotiation and Internal Regulations Committee
Is in charge of advising on the internal rules of the Stock Exchange, it should also gather to analyze potential legal changes in the market whenever it is required. Whenever it is necessary, it should also recommend to the Board of Directors new policies, negotiation rules or recommend new equipment and software.

No Directores: Representantes de Citivalores y HSBC Securities y Sr. Roberto De La Guardia, Padre.


4. Trading Supervision Committee
Is responsible of answering disciplinary cases that the Board of Directors, General Manager or Compliance Officer consider require an evaluation, potential sanction and decision making on each case. The committee is complete independence and power to define its work strategy.

En el Comité participa como secretario Ad-Hoc el oficial de Cumplimiento de la BVP


5. Comité de Internacionalización

Entidad Regulada y Supervisada por la Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores.
Licencia para operar como Organización Autorregulada mediante Resolución No. CNV-349-90 de 30 de marzo de 1990